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Corporate teams today face unprecedented challenges. Leaders are asked to do more with less, and rallying teams to work together toward a common goal can feel impossible. In addition, outside forces like politics and pandemics challenge communications by keeping us apart and dividing us.

World-renowned motorcycle adventurer and TV host Allan Karl spent years traveling across 80+ countries and 100K+ miles on 2 wheels.

His adventures are the subject of a critically-acclaimed book and television shows on travel and cooking channels.

Through these adventures, his professional career, and experience in the C-Suite, Allan gained a unique perspective through resilience and finding adventure in adversity. Along the way, he uncovered secrets to connection and communication by navigating change and recognizing common ground with the most unlikely connections.

Today, he shares these lessons through captivating tales from the open road with audiences worldwide.


Summer is an exceptional speaker, the way she can connect with an audience is like nothing I've seen before...


-Some person, Dallas, TX

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